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Location change

January 5, 2012

Well it’s hard to say it’s just a location change. I’ve moved to Langkawi, Malaysia from Ankara, Turkey. It’s quite the change. At the time I was moving it was -5 C in Ankara and it was 32 C here when I arrived. It was quite a good change for me.

South East Asia is one of the places you would want to live your life in. Especially a beautiful island like Langkawi is such a beautiful Place to live in.

I will continue to work on professional photography projects as I find the chance. If you are interested in my work don’t hesitate to send an email to . I will keep this website up to date.

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Stock Photography

July 2, 2009

I have started to shoot stock photography in our studio. You can see me and my partner’s iStockPhoto portfolio and ShutterStock portfolio online.

If you want to be a stock model and work with us please email us.

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New Studio

May 27, 2009

My new studio with Roberto Giobbi is about to open. We took a crappy place and made it into a clean, white studio. When furnishing is complete I will post the before/after photos of the studio to show you the magic of decoration, plaster and epoxyn. For our official company and studio site visit

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Print Portfolio v3.2

November 18, 2008

Print portfolio v3.2 is ready. It’s updated with new shoots. Photographs, especially panoramas look far better on high quality paper.

PDF version of the portfolio (26mb) can be downloaded by clicking on the image below. Companies and agencies may request a portfolio by contacting Asli Tur.

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A new way of publishing photographs: Microsoft Photosynth

November 6, 2008

Microsoft Photosynth is a product of Live Labs (a “cakma” version of Google Labs). It’s a very beautiful thing and I’ve been following it’s progress for some time. You can take lots of photos of a place, item or something than upload them to Photosynth. Photosynth “synth”s them and creates a 3d model of the subject. Than you are able to float through that model with all your photos in proper places. I really like this way of publishing photographs.

Here is my first try on Microsoft Photosynth, Anit Kabir, Ankara.

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Up-to-date Portfolio for Download

September 1, 2008 is almost ready. We are still uploading the photography portfolio and will keep the site up-to-date. Meanwhile you can download the latest pdf photography portfolio. The file is 26mb, so be a little patient.

For printed portfolio request you can contact Asli Tur at .

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